Põhjaka Mõis -

Where to find us

Põhjaka Manor is a restaurant located in Central Estonia close by the Tallinn-Tartu-Võru-Luhamaa Road (Main Road No 2). See the map! We follow the principles of national cuisine using local raw materials and products but doing it with a little fun twist.

November/December 2020 we are open from Friday to Sunday first three weekends of the month.

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Telephone: +372 5267795
Mail: pohjaka@pohjaka.ee

Our story

When the three chefs Märt, Ott and Joel discovered Põhjaka Manor in the early spring of 2007, the building, dating back to the year 1820, was in a rather poor condition. Windows and doors had been veneered and boarded up, half of the wood flooring was stolen, the fine stoves had been plundered and carried away..
Despite all this, the chefs were convinced that the old manor would be a perfect place to open a restaurant. It took them three years to construct and renovate the building with their own hands. Sometimes friends came to help and so the manor was given the new shape as one can see today.
The restaurant was opened in 2010. By now the chefs have proven to eveyone (themselves included) that is it possible to prepare deliscious food using nothing else but local Estonian raw material, being thus wholely dependent on seasons. Therefore in the winter more filling meals are prepared, during summer time we serve lighter food – all the fresh and green that our fields and forest have to offer. Not to mention the vast amounts of preserves that are stored in our cellar, so that the juices, compotes and jams could be enjoyed in the winter! Much game is used in our kichen. By now we have our own garden and farm land, as well as a chicken coop. From this spring also four piglets can be heard oinking in the yard.

Our food

Our menu changes daily to a larger or smaller extent. Since we have not translated our menus to foreign languages, yet we have kept aside the archive of the menus from the first day of our opening, we kindly add here a few examples from our past. So that you can have an idea what we have offered to eat here during the different seaons.

Menu from the early days of our opening (June 18th 2010):
• Fresh salad served with bacon and cheese
• Beetroot and lamb soup with rucola
• Marinated Baltic herring with green salad and an egg
• Fried tench with potatoes and carrots
• Stewed lamb with potatoes and salted cucumber
• Cheese cake with strawberries

A little more that a year later (September 1st 2011):
• Pumpkin cream soup served with garlic bread
• Fried zucchini with sour cream and tomato
• Green salad with granular cheese, tomato and marinated zucchini
• Lamb liver pâté with onion and flowerpot bread
• Herring with cottage cheese sauce, mayonnaise and quail egg
• Lamb cutlet served with chanterelle sauce and potato
• Lamb loin with boletus sauce, zucchini and onion
• Mille feuille
• Chocolate cake
• Curd turnover with cloudberry jam

A few months later, in the winter (January 18th 2012):
• Tomato and sauerkraut soup with wild boar meat
• Lamb liver pâté served with pickled cucumbers and white bread
• Marinated lamprey eels with toasted bread and mayonnaise
• Esna dairy goat cheese with cloudberry jam and tomato compote
• Fried Baltic herring with tartar sauce and marinated pumpkin
• Baked pork belly with barley groats, sauerkraut and pumkin mustard
• Stewed wild boar with cream sauce and vegetables
• Wild boar fillet with mushroom sauce, potato mash and oven roasted onion
• Mille feuille
• Oven baked curd with cranberry soup
• Whole grain tartelette with strawberry compote and lemon cream
• Sea-buckthorn shnapps

And an example from last spring (April 23rd 2013):
• Clear fish soup with vegetables, quail egg and pike perch
• Chicken liver pâté with white bread and marinated onion
• Black bread served with smoked meat, salo, tomato and garlic jam
• Fried smelt with cottage cheese sauce, mayonnaise and duck egg
• Roasted pork neck with barley grout and carrot mustard
• Beef cutlet with tomato sauce and marinated mushrooms
• Roasted quail with cream sauce and vegetables
• Mille feuille
• Pavlova with sea-buckthorn cream
• Lemon ice-cream with grinded caramel

As you see, some of our meals are always present on our menu, the pâté or mille feuille, to name a few classics. The black bread we bake is warmly loved all over Estonia...

See you at Põhjaka!